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Book review

Thomas J. Hayes: New Strategies in Higher Education Marketing

Developing a marketing strategy, researching the and promoting in the market, successfully managing enrollments and raising funds: “New Strategies in Higher Education Marketing” covers a range of hot topics for university marketing specialists. The “new”, however, should not be taken too literally twenty years after the original publication.

The dozen articles, all by different authors, were contributions to a US symposium on  marketing of higher education in 1989. They include many case studies from different universities, with a lot of valuable experience from marketing practitioners.

But today, its age is the issue with this book: The contributions by the different authors were in all likelihood very interesting at the time of publication, some even perhaps very noteworthy. Now, the collection is at best of a historical interest for higher education marketing professionals that want to kill time on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

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New Strategies in Higher Education Marketing
Thomas J. Hayes
ISBN: 978-1-56024-198-0 (1-56024-198-5)
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