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Sample Letters of Recommendation

Reference letters are vital to university applications – and often job applications. If you are asked to write a letter of recommendation for someone else, or if you requested such a letter and want to provide a draft to your sponsor, you can write a reference letter in minutes on this website. To learn more about reference letters, take a look at this page: What is a reference letter?

A good letter of recommendation needs to contain specific information regarding the person it is about. For example, if a professor merely writes about how smart and successful his or her student was, and leaves out specifics about class subjects or extracurricular activities, a reader might suspect that the professor actually does not know the candidate very well.

So in order to individualize a reference letter, you may want inspiration for what to include in the text. Below, you will find a number of sample letters that can serve as a template. Those samples are all based on actual letters of recommendation and cover a variety of purposes, including undergraduate and postgraduate university applications, applications to MBA programs, and employment references.